Computational Load Response™

In 2017 we pioneered the integration of bitcoin mining load control as a means to optimize upstream power generation while simultaneously solving the vented and flared methane problem in the oil and gas industry.

Our patented CLR control systems respond to changes in electrical system frequency and fuel availability to ensure generators are always running at optimal loading.

Whether it be on or off grid, renewable or hydrocarbon based generation, our solutions guarantee generators are loaded for peak energy efficiency.

Ohmm Thermal Loadcenters

Our modular Hash Hut™ loadcenter design is the most versatile in the industry with standard options from 90 – 900 kW capacity and custom options up to 4 megawatts per skidded building.

The modularity of our proprietary designs allow us to rapidly manufacture a quality product at a competitive price.

Each of our standard loadcenter products come certified and stickered to meet electrical code requirements in Canada (CSA) and the US (UL) for rapid connection permitting on or off the grid.

Natural Gas Power Generation

We specialize in natural gas power generation and are an approved OEM and distribution partner for Power Solutions International.

We offer complete, skidded natural gas generating sets up to 400 kW in capacity for upstream or midstream oil and gas facilities, as well as biogas and landfill methane.

Make sure to check out our popular Hash Generator product line which comes as a complete plumb-and-play natural gas generator and loadcenter package!

Industrial Building Systems

For decades our core staff has fabricated skidded self-framed metal buildings for the upstream oil and gas industry.

We design and manufacture custom buildings and enclosures for all types of facility needs in self-framed metal or urethane sandwich panel construction.

From pump shacks to engineered building packages, we can do it all!

Distributed and Decentralized Computing:

Upstream Data has deployed over 300 bitcoin mining data centers and counting across Canada and the US since 2017.