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  • The Rise & Fall of BIP119
    Monthly News Letter • May 2022 Life comes at you fast, especially in an industry like Bitcoin where there is no central authority to make decisions for the rest of the network. Only 14 days after announcing plans for rolling out a new Bitcoin soft fork, BIP119 author Jeremy Rubin announced he will not be advancing the activation attempt. First, let me be clear: I am not advancing a Speedy Trial(ST) activation of Bitcoin Improvement Proposal-119 (BIP-119) CheckTemplateVerify (CTV) at this time. Jeremy Rubin, on the bitcoin-dev mailing list This month’s news letter gives a high-level overview of what BIP119… Read More »The Rise & Fall of BIP119
  • Bitcoin2022 and Five Reasons Mining Has Never Been Hotter
    Monthly News Letter • April 2022 Bitcoiners from all around the globe flocked to Miami, FL during the first week of April to attend the Bitcoin2022 conference. From the enormous expo hall featuring more than 220 vendors, to the four dedicated stages with combined seating for 21,000 attendees; there was hardly anywhere one could go without seeing or hearing something about innovations in Bitcoin mining. So why is Bitcoin mining capturing so much attention, it’s just guessing numbers anyways, right? Here’s five reasons Bitcoin mining has never been hotter explained through a few highlights from the conference. Home Mining The… Read More »Bitcoin2022 and Five Reasons Mining Has Never Been Hotter
  • COLDCARD & BlackBox
    Introduction A guide for Bitcoin home miners on setting up their BlackBox and handling their mining rewards in a privacy-preserving manner before going to cold storage. Mining Bitcoin goes hand in hand with self-custody, the miner provides a Bitcoin address in order to receive the rewards and the mining pool pays out to the provided address. This guide aims to demonstrate setting up a new BlackBox install and a few tools that can be used to handle the mining rewards in a way that helps maintain the anonymity gained from mining and sees that through to cold storage. This guide… Read More »COLDCARD & BlackBox
  • UpstreamData DIY BlackBox
    This guide will show you how to use less than $150 in commonly available materials to build an ASIC enclosure that can attenuate the noise by 20dB.
  • How we set up a natural gas well for bitcoin mining.
    Bitcoin mining ‘Hash Generators’ save Alberta producer’s mineral lease.